Big Game Processing and Meat Cutting




One of the greatest satisfactions from harvesting fish and game in New England is the bountiful food source each species provides.  Marinated deer steaks on a summer grill or a cup of Cusk chowder on a cold winter day, both mark the success of the hunter and fisherman and stir grand memories of the kill and the catch.

The New Hampshire Outdoor Learning Center has created an intense one and a half  day workshop that will demonstrate how to take your big game success from the field to the table.

This course is the epitome of hands-on skillset training.  Put on your apron, grab a sharp knife, and a cutting board as we teach you the art and science of butchering your harvest and preparing wild game for the table (yes! There may be some grilling involved).

Join us for a full day and a half course (all day Saturday and 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on Sunday) learning to process big game, including:

Day One:

  • Field dressing 101
  • Skinning
  • Quartering
  • Deboning
  • Identifying cuts of meat (steaks, chops, roasts, tips, burger etc.)
  • Actual hands-on butchering
  • Preparing your trophy for taxidermy
  • Packaging methods

Day Two

  • Jerky making
  • Sausage making
  • Making hamburger
  • Smoking meat (yum!)
  • Cooking techniquesAnd More!

This class is usually booked well in advance and seating is limited.  Call Today!

Additional information

Dates October 20, 2018 to October 21, 2018