Firearms and Sporting Clays




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Whether you enjoy hunting, fishing, camping, or hiking in the wild, carrying a firearm is an important part of our heritage. Being safe and confident with various types of firearms and shooting is a critical skill for every outdoor enthusiast. The New Hampshire Outdoor Learning Center is pleased to offer our comprehensive firearms course in Loudon. This is an intense one day class beginning with classroom discussion on safety, technical, and general firearms knowledge and handling. After lunch, we will move to the field where students will be involved in extensive shooting exercises. You will become confident and proficient with rifle, muzzleloader, shotgun (sporting clays), and handgun. Throughout the afternoon we will build on our technical discussion and refine your gun handling/safety and accuracy skills. Tuition includes lunch, ammunition, and firearms. Class size is limited so call 603-608-8673.  Course outline is as follows:

General Firearms

  • Firearm Types and Applications
  • Cleaning / Care / Maintenance
  • Making Safety Intuitive


  • Centerfire and Rimfire Technology
  • Bolt Action, Lever Action, and Semi-Auto
  • Loading and Unloading Multiple Firearms types
  • Mechanical Safety and Operations
  • Caliber Identification and Usage
  • Proper techniques for sighting in your new rifle
  • Scopes, and scope mounting


  • Benefits of using a muzzleloader vs modern rifle
  • Main types of modern and primitive muzzleloader
  • Loads and bullet types
  • Speed loading


  • Shotgun actions (pump, semi-auto, over-under, bolt)
  • Shotgun gauges and proper usage
  • Selecting the right shot size
  • Barrel choke selection and patterning
  • Rules and regulations


  • Calibers
  • Actions (single, double, semi)
  • Concealed vs open carry

Additional information

Dates September 16, 2017, September 15, 2018