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Welcome to the New Hampshire Outdoor Learning Center

The New Hampshire Outdoor Learning Center (NHOLC) is an organization dedicated to comprehensive skillset training in a variety of outdoor recreational activities. Our programs are designed to propel a passion for the outdoors through education and hands on experience.

Certified Master Outdoorsman

Not for the faint of heart, the certified Master Outdoorsman program is a total immersion system in experiential outdoor learning. All of our courses are taught by experienced Registered Maine Guides and Licensed New Hampshire Guides with over 100 years of combined outdoor knowledge.The full course schedule consists 18 advanced classes (one per month) and will take approximately 1.5 years to complete.Each course consists of intense classroom learning followed by a trip into the field to put it all into practice.

The Learning Center has leased over 800 acres of prime woods and waters to ensure our students have the best classroom to hone their outdoor skills. Upon completion of an individual course, and successfully passing the written, oral and practical test, the student will be issued a certificate indicating completion. When all outdoor classes have been completed, the student will take a final exam, demonstrate proficiency in a variety of skills and interview with the Board of Master Outdoorsman. Upon passing, the student will be issued the “Master Outdoorsman” certification. You will graduate with a wide range of in depth knowledge and hold an unparalleled level of qualification. If you are a serious outdoorsman looking for an opportunity to gain an extreme level of knowledge and confidence in the outdoors, then this program is for you. Space is limited so call today to begin the learning adventure of a lifetime.

18 classes

New Hampshire Guide School

Being a Licensed hunting and fishing guide in the Granite state is no small task. An individual must pass two comprehensive written exams in a variety of outdoor topics including:

New in 2011, Fish and Game is introducing an oral exam to the guides test.

The New Hampshire Outdoor Learning Center has a two day course that will help you become 100% prepared for New Hampshire’s toughest outdoor test. This course is taught by Scott Jackson, owner of Great North Woods Guide Service, LLC. And a Certified Master Outdoorsman, and Licensed NH and Registered Maine Guide. Class sizes are limited. Call today!

Outdoor Classes

The New Hampshire Outdoor Learning Center offers an unparalleled education experience in the following classes. Each class is offered as part of our Master Outdoorsman program and offered to the public on an individual class basis. Click on each class below to read the syllabus.


Firearms (rifle, shotgun, handgun)

The New Hampshire Outdoor Learning Center is pleased to offer a comprehensive firearms course as a stand-alone class and as part of the Certified Master Outdoorsman Program. This is an intense two day class. Day one will begin with 3.5 hours in the classroom discussing safety, technical, and general firearm knowledge and handling. After lunch we will move to the field where students will be involved in extensive shooting exercises. You will become confident and proficient with rifle, muzzleloader, shotgun, and handgun. Day two we will finish the technical discussion, complete the written test and move to the field to test gun handling/safety and accuracy skills. Those successfully completing the course with an 80% will receive their certificate towards becoming a Certified Master Outdoorsman. Ammunition and firearms are provided (students are prohibited from using their own firearms during this class). Course outline is as follows:

General Firearms





Calibers Actions (single, double, semi) Concealed vs open carry


The New Hampshire Outdoor Learning Center has seen interest in field of archery and bow hunting rise dramatically over the past five years. Our NASP certified instructors have designed the ultimate course for bow hunters and archery enthusiasts. This two day course uses Mathews Mission compound bows. Each student will be fitted for draw length and weight and will shoot the same bow for the duration of the course. Our 3D targets are placed on our exclusive 157 acre parcel in various woods and field locations. You will learn to shoot successfully from ground blinds, ladder stands, and spot and stalk locations. When you finish this course you will have the knowledge and skills necessary to enter the bow hunting and archery field with confidence. Upon successful completion of the written test and shooting proficiency test you will be one step closer to the Master Outdoorsman Certification.

This two day course will give you a complete overview of the following:


NHOLC offers the most advanced deer hunting education in the state. This class has something for all experience levels.


Successfully hunting New Hampshire’s Black Bear requires many hours of research and trial and error. The New Hampshire Outdoor Learning Center in conjunction with Great North Woods Guide Service, LLC, have joined together to offer hunters and Certified Master Outdoorsman candidates an in depth class on hunting trophy Black Bears in Maine and New Hampshire. This one day class could save you a bundle in time and money in the field.

Topics include:


Harvesting a trophy moose in Maine or New Hampshire is considered a hunt of a lifetime. These states have some of the highest moose density populations in the lower 48 and both offer this experience only through a lottery system. The Outdoor Learning Center is here to give you the knowledge that will help you harvest a trophy animal. Our instructors have a combined 20+ years of moose hunting and guiding experience in Maine, New Hampshire, Canada and Alaska. Don’t leave your success to chance.

See below for class details:


The first time you hear the gobble of the wild NH turkey, you’ll see why the sport of turkey hunting is fast becoming an outdoor obsession. Turkeys are seen in large flocks throughout most of the state of New Hampshire but don’t be fooled, calling that trophy tom within shooting range is no easy task. The New Hampshire Outdoor Learning Center is proud to offer a comprehensive turkey calling/hunting class. Each student will participate in calling exercises, using box calls, slate calls, gobbler calls, and mouth calls. The class also includes detailed discussion and demonstration on the following:

Fowl (Upland and Waterfowl)

The drumming Ruffed Grouse, the whistling Woodcock, and the call of a Green Wing Teal are just a few of the sounds that speak straight the heart of a bird hunter. When you complete this course you will have an intimate knowledge of New Hampshire’s most popular game birds and waterfowl and how to hunt them.

This class is divided into two sections. First is a comprehensive overview of Grouse and Woodcock biology, habitat, and hunting techniques. This includes detailed discussion on clothing considerations and use of dogs for hunting.

The second session is an advanced study of waterfowl that frequent the inland ponds, puddles and rivers of Maine and New Hampshire. Strong emphasis is placed on duck identification (on the water and in the air), blind location and selection, and calling techniques.

Certified Master Outdoorsman candidates will be tested on the following information:

Predator hunting

The New Hampshire Outdoor Learning Center, LLC is now offering a one day, hard hitting course on hunting furbearers with a large portion of this class focusing on successful predator hunting.

Baiting, calling and night hunting are some of the most popular methods of reducing predator populations. Our instructors will demonstrate how to be successful using proven equipment and techniques. The afternoon will be spent in the field looking at examples of prime locations for implementing our strategies.

This class includes comprehensive knowledge of the following:

Rabbit hunting

Hunting Maine and New Hampshire’s Snowshoe Hare offers you a chance for fast action, lots of shooting and a great resource for winter time exercise. Both states enjoy long rabbit hunting seasons which allow you greater flexibility and opportunity. So grab your snowshoes and your shotgun and join the Outdoor Learning Center for a full day of learning and hunting in the woods and swamps of New Hampshire. The morning will begin with plenty of coffee and a comprehensive study of the Snowshoe Hare, Beagle selection/training and hunting tactics that we use at Great North Woods Guide Service. In the afternoon, we will load up and take to the woods to release the hounds and put our knowledge to work.

Topics include:


This course will take you back in time to the furbearer era. You will learn advanced techniques for Trapping Coyote, Fox (red and gray), Fisher, Raccoon, Beaver, Otter, and Mink.

Our class consists of two full days of hands on learning. Day one will focus on land animal trapping. Day two is centered on harvesting water animals (bring your boots). The mornings will be spent in the classroom learning about the necessary equipment and tactics used for each target animal as well as fur handling practices. Each afternoon will be spent in the field identifying key set locations and putting your new knowledge to work. When you leave at the end of day two, you will have the confidence and skills necessary to run a successful trap line. Certified Master Outdoorsman candidates will be given a written test followed by a practical test in the field.

Knowledge tested will include:

Fly Fishing

A world class fishing experience awaits you in the rivers, streams and ponds of New Hampshire and Maine. However, many of these trophy waters are reserved for fly fishing only. This restriction significantly reduces fishing pressure and can provide you with an unparalleled opportunity to catch a variety of magnificent trout and salmon.

The New Hampshire Outdoor Learning Center is proud to offer one of the most advanced fly fishing and casting classes available in the state. From morning til evening, you will be immersed in a hands-on experience that will give you the foundational skills necessary to begin fly fishing immediately. We at NHOLC firmly believe that once you try this exciting sport you will be hooked (figuratively) for life!

Learning will include:

Cold Water

Coming soon!

Warm Water

Coming soon!

Ice fishing

Coming soon!

Outdoor Navigation (map and compass / GPS)

Getting lost in the woods of Maine and New Hampshire is no small matter. Every year, sportsmen enter the field and lose their way causing themselves, their families, friends, and law enforcement a substantial amount of stress and expense.

This one day class is designed to give you the confidence that only comes from knowing where you are and how to get to and from a specific location with ease.

Careful reading of topographical maps has long been a secret of legendary hunting and fishing guides in Northern New England. Knowing where trophy animals and fish hide and locating those areas on a map can increase your potential for success.

Along with classroom teaching and planning, we will use our map and compass to trek across 880 acres to a known pick-up point. Come learn a new skill and gain the knowledge you need to stay safe and found!

This class will cover:

Outdoor Recreation (weather, camping, cooking, etc.)

Coming soon!

Wilderness First Aid

Coming soon!

Canoeing / Boating

Coming soon!

Game Processing

Coming soon!

Flora and Fauna

Coming soon!

Animal and Fish ID (included track ID)

Coming soon!

Junior Outfitter

Young Explorer (Intro Level)

Age: 8 - 9

In the Young Explorer program, our little campers experience the outdoors in a safe, team building environment under the careful eye of our Licensed NH Guides. This week long program (10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Mon-Fri) awakens the concept of outdoors observation and builds your child’s confidence in his/her outdoor skills. Young Explorers have plenty of time for stories, creative projects, hiking, swimming, boating, and imaginative outdoor play. Young Explorers will graduate with a certificate of completion provided by our company.

Outdoor Topics for Young Explorers are very general in nature and include:

Junior Woodsman

Age: 10 - 13

The Junior Woodsman skills path combines high energy outdoor fun, with focused exploration of God’s creation. This program is a fun-filled week long course of outdoor discovery and challenge, learning about the woods, waters and wildlife of New Hampshire. Junior Woodsman will begin to seriously hone their knowledge and skills in a variety of outdoor activities. A graduation ceremony takes place on Friday and your Junior Woodsman will demonstrate their skills to their parents or guardians. A certificate and patch will represent individual achievement. Beginner courses are available in the following subjects:

Junior Outfitter

Age: 14 - 16

Junior Outfitters will “unplug” and immerse themselves in the outdoors by learning and practicing the primitive skills necessary to survive in the wilderness. The Junior Outfitter student will gain confidence and experience in backcountry living and outdoor leadership and are introduced to skills such as:

Junior Guide

Age: 16-18

The Junior Guide program is the final step in outdoor learning. This program will build an outdoor heritage, offering the fun and friendships of traditional camp activities, combined with comprehensive team building and leadership skills course. The student will put all of his/her previous education and skills to practice in the field and will fine tune their ability to function in a variety of outdoor situations. Junior Guide candidates become self-sufficient, cooking their meals, planning and going on mini-expeditions (day hikes and canoe trips). At the end of the course, campers who have demonstrated a positive attitude, desire to learn, and pass a final written and practical exam are awarded the prestigious Junior Guide patch. The Junior Guide starts with several sessions of trip planning for a one week expedition into the wilderness. Camping along the shores of a predetermined waterway the students will improve camp craft, canoe handling, and survival skills while growing and working as a team. For 6 days, the group puts their skills to the test, returning to the starting point with a new sense of confidence and self-reliance. This course will focus on:

This final course in outdoor skills and leadership is excellent preparation for NH Guide training. This extensive program is a demanding training course which prepares students to excel in the outdoors. To pass the test, candidates must demonstrate competence in outdoor skills and knowledge including canoe handling and safety, shelter and fire building, map and compass, topography, first aid, backcountry cooking, camp and woodscraft skills, and plant and wildlife identification. Set yourself apart from the crowd, make friendships for a lifetime, and earn the right to wear the Junior Guide patch!