Advanced Animal Signs & Tracking

Recognizing and correctly identifying wildlife sign such as scat and tracks as well as understanding habits and habitat of animals and game birds is a crucial part of piecing together natures puzzle.   This course is designed to teach you how to read and understand the amazing storybook that is written every day in the great outdoors.  Put on your snowshoes and spend the day in the woods with us learning the following:

  • Travel patterns of furbearers, big game, animals, and game birds
  • Scat identification
  • Track identification
  • Habitat specific to each species
  • Determine age of an animals through proper sign reading
  • Seasonal feeding habits and related movement
  • Impact of weather on wildlife movement
  • Movement based on breeding cycles
  • Predator and prey relationships
  • Tracking and recovering wounded animals
  • Escape routes
  • And More!
NH Outdoor Learning Center