Moose Hunting and Calling

Being drawn for a moose hunt in Maine and NH can be a once in a lifetime opportunity to harvest a monarch of the north.  100’s of lbs. of choice edible meat for the grill and great memories are just the tip of the ice berg when you think of the your experience moose hunting experience.  This class will prepare you for a start to finish moose hunt including:

  • Zone selection for the lottery application
  • Scouting techniques (USGS maps, Google, GPS, Delorme, and more)
  • Moose habits and habitat
  • Rutting characteristics
  • Calling in the dominant bull
  • Shot placement
  • Extraction techniques
  • Quartering and deboning
  • And more!

This class is offered “on-demand” so if you do not see it on our schedule, please call us!


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