Comprehensive Turkey Hunting




The first time you hear the gobble of the wild NH turkey, you’ll see why the sport of turkey hunting is fast becoming an outdoor obsession.  Turkeys are seen in large flocks throughout most of the state of New Hampshire but don’t be fooled, calling that trophy tom within shooting range is no easy task.  The New Hampshire Outdoor Learning Center is proud to offer a comprehensive turkey calling/hunting class.  Each student will participate in calling exercises, using box calls, slate calls, gobbler calls, and mouth calls.  The class also includes detailed discussion and demonstration on the following:

  • Seasons (youth, spring, fall, archery)
  • Turkey biology – where they live and habits
  • Landowner cooperation / permission strategies
  • Blind selections and placement
  • Camouflage clothing requirements including turkey vests
  • Decoys and proper deployment
  • Shotgun and choke tube requirements
  • Calling techniques
  • Judging distance
  • Shot placement
  • Determining the age of your turkey
  • Proper feather / fan preparations for mounting
  • And More

Sorry you missed our 2017 class.  Call 603-608-8673 for private instruction.

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Dates April 14, 2018