Archery and Bowhunting




The New Hampshire Outdoor Learning Center has seen the field of archery and bow hunting grow dramatically over the past five years.  Our Nationally certified instructors have designed the ultimate workshop for bow hunters and archery enthusiasts.  This two day course uses Genesis bows on day one to get you started with proper form and technique.  On day two, we step up to Mathews Mission compound bows and enter into bowhunting scenario shooting. Each student will be fitted for draw length and weight and will shoot the same bow for the duration of the course.  Our 3D targets are placed in various woods and field locations.  You will learn to shoot successfully from ground blinds, ladder stands, and spot and stalk locations.  When you finish this course you will have the knowledge and skills necessary to enter the bow hunting and archery field with confidence.  This two day course will give you a complete overview of the following:

  • Various bow types
  • Bow and associated parts
  • Arrow technology and selections
  • Tips and broad-head selection
  • Releases and sights
  • Proper shooting stance and form
  • Hunting with a bow
  • Tree stand considerations
  • Ground blind shooting strategies
  • Selecting the right hunting for you
  • Bow set-up and sighting
  • Safety Concerns
  • Rules and regulations
  • Lots of shooting!


Additional information

Dates June 2, 2018 to June 3, 2018