Certified Fishing Specialist


 The Certified Fishing Specialist program is specifically designed for men and women who want to become an expert in the field of fishing.  Our in-depth curriculum is divided into 10 hands-on, fishing related courses that will give you the knowledge and experience to be proficient in all variations of fishing.  Each course will involve classroom presentations, instruction from industry experts and biologists, hands-on field work, and a comprehensive written exam.  From presenting the perfect fly cast to consistently pulling massive Lake Trout through the ice, to Wilderness First Aid & Survival, you will become a well-rounded and certified fishing expert.  It is also the perfect certification for those who plan on pursuing their fishing guides license.  Once completing all subject related courses, there will be a final written exam, proficiency test, and a final oral interview with the Board of Certified Master Outdoorsman.  The Certified Fishing Specialist is the ultimate certification for fisherman/woman.

Program Cost: $1350

Classes Included:

  • Open Water Fishing (Cold Water Species)
  • Open Water Fishing (Warm Water Species)
  • Ice Fishing (Warm Water)
  • Ice Fishing (Cold Water)
  • Fly Fishing School
  • Canoe Fundamentals & Recovery
  • Advanced Boating Techniques
  • Wilderness Navigation (Map & Compass)
  • Certified Wilderness First Aid
  • Wilderness Survival 101

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