Certified Wilderness Survival Specialist



The Certified Wilderness Survival Specialist program is specifically designed for men and women who want to become an expert in the field of wilderness survival.  Our in-depth curriculum is divided into 10 hands-on, survival related courses that will give you the knowledge and experience to be proficient in wilderness survival skills.  Each course will involve classroom presentations, instruction from industry experts and licensed guides, hands-on field work and a comprehensive written exam.  From starting primitive fire in the worst conditions to foraging for wild edibles to Navigation and Wilderness First Aid, you will become a well-rounded certified Wilderness Survival expert.  It is also the perfect certification for those who plan on teaching others valuable survival skills.  Once completing all subject related courses, there will be a final written exam, proficiency test and a final oral interview with a Board of Certified Master Outdoorsman.  The Certified Wilderness Survival Specialist is the ultimate certification for outdoorsmen, women and young adults who spend a great deal of time in the outdoors.

Program Certification Cost: $1455

Classes Included:

  • Wilderness Survival 101
  • Wilderness Survival 102
  • Edible Plants & Tree Identification
  • Edible Wild Mushrooms
  • Advanced Snowshoeing and Wilderness Skills 
  • Animal Signs & Tracking
  • Comprehensive Wilderness Navigation (Map & Compass)
  • Certified Wilderness First Aid

Online Registration is Not Available For Certification Programs  

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Dates January 1, 2017 to January 1, 2020