Comprehensive Whitetail Deer Hunting





NHOLC offers the most advanced deer hunting education in the state.  This class has something for all experience levels.

  • Habitat and habits
  • Food plots and feeders
  • Trail cameras
  • Scrapes and rubs
  • Travel, trails and tracks
  • Rattling, Grunting, and Bleating
  • Tracking wounded deer
  • Predators
  • Tree stand location and type
  • Scent control
  • Using scent to attract deer
  • Clothing, foot ware, and other outdoor gear
  • Quality management program
  • Landowner relationships
  • Knife selection
  • Transporting out of the woods
  • Sizing deer in the field
  • Optics (scopes, binoculars)
  • Topo map reading and scouting concepts (see Wilderness Navigation Course)

Additional information

Dates October 14, 2017, October 13, 2018