Snowshoe Hare Hunting




The yelp and howl of the beagle on the hot track of a Snowshoe Hare is the unmistakable sound of outdoor fun.  The New Hampshire Outdoor Learning Center is one of the only places in New England that offers an in-depth class on how to hunt this amazing critter with and without hounds.  The classroom session in the morning includes a deep dive into habits, biology, habitat, dog training, meat preparation and more.  The afternoon session will put you and your class in the field practicing spot and shoot exercises.  Then, we release the hounds on several hundred acres of prime Snowshoe Hare habitat and let the action begin!  Put on your snowshoes and spend the day with us learning how to put this excellent table fare in your freezer.

Sorry, you missed the 2017 class.  Call us for “off Schedule” classes 


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Dates March 11, 2018