Wilderness Survival School 102 (overnight)




Wilderness Survival 102:  Building on the 101 class, spend an overnight and 2 full days learning advanced survival techniques and putting them to the test.  With just a handful of tools, this class will teach you not only how to survive, but be comfortable in any backcountry situation. You and your class will gain hands on experience building fire, making shelter, purifying water, practicing bushcraft and competing in several survival challenges, all with minimal basic equipment.  Learn, challenge, confidence and fun are the building blocks for this class and it will eliminate the fear of spending a night out in the woods.

There will be a pack list required for this course and will be emailed to you shortly before the start of the course.


Additional information

Dates June 3, 2017, June 4, 2017, June 9, 2018 to June 10, 2018