Wilderness Survival 101 School




Wilderness Survival class: this class covers multiple fire lighting techniques, shelter building, campsite selection, clothing considerations, water purification, emergencies, essential carry items, keeping your sense of direction and more.  If you spend time in remote backcountry areas or would like to gain additional confidence and skills to handle an unexpected stay in the woods, then this class is designed specifically for you.

Learning syllabus includes:

  • Assemble the ultimate day pack (don’t leave home without it!)
  • Selecting the perfect campsite
  • Fire building (even in the rain!)
  • Wilderness campfire cooking (warm biscuits anyone?)
  • Finding water and purification techniques
  • Knife and camp axe selection and safety
  • Latest tent, sleeping bag, and back pack technology
  • Avoiding bugs, snakes, ticks, and bees
  • Weather forecasting and cloud formations
  • Clothing and footwear considerations for specific outdoor activities
  • Read the woods and waters like a story book
  • Keeping your sense of direction
  • Basic survival techniques
  • And more!


Additional information

Dates March 25, 2017, October 28, 2017, March 24, 2018, October 27, 2018