Comprehensive Canoeing


There are very few modes of transportation that can compare with water travel on the lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams of New Hampshire and Maine.  Whether quietly slipping along the shoreline of a remote trout pond with paddle in hand or driving through salmon chop on the big water, canoes provide an unparalleled opportunity to navigate into the back country for some of the best photography, fishing, hunting and exploring in the northeast.

The New Hampshire Outdoor Learning Center has created a comprehensive, hands-on program that will give you the knowledge and skills necessary to safely operate canoes on the waters of New England.  You will begin by building a solid foundation of classroom knowledge and end with on-the-water experience in our Old Town canoes.

Knowledge and experience will include:

  • Basic Terminology
  • Hull design and proper selection
  • Canoe types and manufacturing technology
  • Paddle strokes
  • Paddle design
  • Loading
  • Launching
  • Read the river
  • Handling emergencies on the water
  • Capsize recovery
  • And More!

This class is offered on-demand.  Please call for dates